feed additive and supplement

Conditioning the pond is an important protocol in the pond preparation as well as in the pond maintenance system. Usually, the pond conditioning performed to control the harmful aquatic plants and animals in the pond and also to eradicate the cannibalistic and weedy fishes.However, mostly all the farmers did not perform conditioning the pond bottom especially before stocking or stocking after harvest. Hence, the pond bottom become an unattended area, but that is the important area which seriously needs to be taken care before stocking.During culture, there is plenty of possibility for the accumulation of toxic materials in the pond bottom such as ammonia, CO2 and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas; all these toxic accumulation is due to the deposit of uneaten feed, faeces material from fish or shrimp, accumulation of an-aerobic bacterial colonies and other detritivorous matters, thus the bottom mud become black and odour. So, we the BIOGREEN TECHNOLOGIES,specially made a pond conditioner named WASPRO in a probiotic concept along with necessary miners which eradicate the various toxic substances including ammonia, nitrogen, CO2 and H2S in the pond bottom and keeps the bottom so clean for the healthy life of fish and shrimp.