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  • Biogreen Technologies understand the necessity to produce high quality, efficient and healthy aquaculture organisms is much greater than a simple task; in which our technical support goes beyond the nutritional aspect. Our on-farm support program is to mainly help the farmers to attain their goals, troubleshoot their problems and focus for a profitable and sustainable aquaculture
  • Biogreen Technologies is an efficient platform which bring various research personals together those who worked in the aquaculture field with proven records more than 20 years; as a team of committed experts who support with their innovations and complete dedication to our farmers to enhance the aquaculture production and profit. The committed research team provides practical and proven nutritional solutions to the culture organisms. Our different novel and innovative research based product on aqua feeds and health products improve the growth and survival of fish and shrimp.
  • Biogreen Technologies work with various feed and health product manufacturers all over the world to address different issues related with aquaculture especially, feed, antibiotic-free feed additives, probiotics, enzymes and minerals. Our various health products are produced based on our extensive research output. We are supplying eco-friendly and field-proven control measures to the aquaculture industry for the well-being of the organisms.
  • Biogreen Technologies is working very deeply in the formulations by consulting various experts globally in the filed while preparing feed and feed additives, thus ensuring its quality and efficiency.
  • Biogreen Technologies has a high-quality expert team to support the farmers by providing customized workshops through FTM (Farmers Technical Meeting) frequently at their farm or location.

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