Hatchery Floating Fish Feed

Floating hatchery fish feed are available in Legacy Biogreen Technologies at different pellet size for different fish species. Specialised floating feeds are produced and also imported from The Netherlands and Vietnam for fish hatcheries. The newly hatched fry first feed from their yolk sacs and then can be fed with starter feeds or hatchery feed at the nursery unit. The fishes consume the nutrition in their yolk sacs during the first few days post hatching and then are fed for several weeks on live preyin the form of rotifers and brine shrimp (Artemia). Special feeds can be used to enrich the nutritional value of the prey. Manufactured feed alternatives to live feed are becoming available, thus Legacy Biogreen Technologies is offering such more consistent nutrition and improved floating fish feed for the fish hatcheries.

Feed Preferred Species Feed Size(mm) Nutritional Composition(%)
Protein Fat Fibre
Catla, Rohu, Mrigal, Common Carp, Pangasuis, Rupchand, Ompak,
Murrels, Singhi, Tilapia, Red Tilpia, Sea Bass, Anabass, Notopterus
0.3 mm 35 & 40% 6 - 8% 6%
0.8 mm 35 & 40% 6 - 8% 6%
1.2 mm 35 & 40% 6 - 8% 6%
1.4 mm 35 & 40% 6 - 8% 6%