Our Story

Biogreen Technologies established during 2000 at Chennai, Tamil Nadu and spread all over the country especially in Andhra Pradesh, Orrisa, Kerala, Karnataka, West Bengal, Gujarat, Assam, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Biogreen Technologies is manufacturing fish and shrimp hatchery and grow-out diets and fish and shrimp feed additives. Our expertise is producing spirulina and its extracts; in addition, we supply fish seed especially Murrel (Snake Head) and Seabass. We also, import fish and shrimp hatchery and grow-out feed from China, Vietnam and the Netherlands and export our innovative fish and shrimp health care products to various countries. Our innovative health care products were developed from our well-established R&D by multitalented expects. We, support our R&D only to develop eco-friendly aquaculture products. Spirogel and Green Protein are our best eco-friendly patented green products. Furthermore, all our health care products have been registered under Coastal Aquaculture Authorities (CAA) of India. Moreover, we provide our consultancy services to many aqua farmers throughout the country with regard to pond management, feed and nutrition. Biogreen Technologies developed a network of Aquaculture Scientists from different parts of the World especially China, Malaysia, South Korea, USA, Israel and Germany for its collaborative R&D. The group of scientists provide various innovative solution to our customer for their different culture related issues. Biogreen Technologies is absolutely focusedtowards its farmers needs and satisfaction on solving their culture problem and improve the yield.