feed additive and supplement

Oxygen is a crucial component in aquaculture. Proper oxygen level in the pond is the base for the successful aquaculture production, but at the same time, impropermaintenance of oxygen in the pond lead to variety of discomfort to the shrimp and fish. The level of oxygen in the pond is considered as dissolved oxygen (DO), in other word, the volume of oxygen contained in water. In general, most of the aqua species including fish and shrimp grow and thrive within a DO ranged between 5 and 12 mg/L. The DO level drops less than 5 mg/L leads to a chain of unpleasant reaction to the aquatic organisms especially no feeding, stressed and begin to die. The DO fluctuation in the pond may happen at any time of the culture and at any time of the season. It is important to note that the DO fluctuation is not mandate to summer, winter or rainy seasons. In such a condition, application of O2G developed by BIOGREEN TECHNOLOGIES provides rich amount of oxygen in the culture pond to keep the fish and shrimp in an oxygen enhanced state.