feed additive and supplement

Aquaculture organisms have to obtain all their nutritional requirements through the food they consume for their better growth ad survival. However, the fish or shrimpdo not receive enough amount of minerals through the feed, thus mineral supplementation is necessary. NUTRILIQUID, a liquid mineral which contains both the major and minor elementsthat provide sufficient minerals to the growth of the fish or shrimp; and also, the elements present in the NUTRILIQUID helps to improve the plankton production in the pond.In nature, most of the organisms consume live feed that contains both plant and animals. The initial source of food for many fish or shrimp larvae is phytoplankton. This is probablyassociated with the size of the larvae athatching. After a certain period of timethe larvae consume exclusively zooplankton or a combination of phyto and zooplankton. NUTRILIQUID designed with various potential components that provides necessary mineral supplementation to the fish or shrimp; and also, it effectively enhances the plankton production.