feed additive and supplement

Beneficial algae have been used in aquaculture since very early times. These are the first link in the chain of live food manufacturer and nutrition to fish or shrimp. There are varieties of beneficial algae such as spirulina, chlorella, diatoms, Scenedesmus, etc. These beneficial algae form a component of periphyton, which not only providesnatural food for fish and shrimp, but is also increasing the culture productivity. These algaepossessed high content of protein source. In addition, these beneficial algae control other um-wantedalgae as well as weed plant in the culture ponds. NUTRIALGAE was produced in such a composite mineral concept to improve the beneficial algal growth in the pond, thus the fish or shrimp receive necessary natural nutrition for growth, colour of the organism and other biological activities. These beneficial algal nutrients get assimilated in to the bodies of fish or shrimp, thus become a part of the food chain.