feed additive and supplement

Gut probiotic plays a major role in the maturation and maintenance of the gut intestinal tract, nutritional contributions to fish and shrimp and protection from pathogenic microbes. The symbiotic relationship between the gut microbiota and the host organisms influences overall health and the risk of disease.In addition, the gut microbiota protects the gut and influences nutrient utilization, digestion and absorption and supports immune function in aquatic organisms.GUTMAX was prepared with a high concentration of various gut probiotics species along with necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes supplementation. The other nutritional components including vitamins, minerals and enzymespresent in the GUTMAX provides extra boost-up energy to the fish and shrimp. Because the nutritional components in GUTMAX leads to the fish or shrimp for easy food absorption, assimilation and digestionalong with beneficial microbes, that ultimately leads to good growth, strength to fight against pathogenic organisms including bacteria and virus. Simply, the adequate amount of GUTMAX supplementation confers best health benefit to fish and shrimp.