feed additive and supplement

Feed binder is a product to bind, glue or hold the various feedingredients and feed supplements together in order to maintain the pellet integrity and also to avoid leaching the nutritional components of the feed or its supplement in the pond water. Binders are firming agentsthat are added to feed either floating or sinkingpellets to improve the quality ofpellets, water stability, hardiness and bulk density.Most of the available the binders in the market are synthetic form, but BIOGREEN TECHNOLOGIES identified F-GEL, a natural feed binder with a pleasant flavour for fish and shrimp feed. F-GEL have a strong efficiency on the physical integrity of the feed and biological availability of nutrients. F-GEL possessedgood physical stability on feed in terms of immersion time, reduction in loss ofwater-soluble nutrients due to leaching, improving feed texture and acceptability which enhances the feed consumption.