feed additive and supplement

Moulting is a continuous developing process in the life cycle of a decapod crustacean especially shrimp or prawn. It is a hormonal cyclic process in such organisms. In brief, moultingis an inherent habit of crustaceans, which is periodically shed the old shell and cast a new shell.The process allows the shrimps to grow faster and obtain significant weight increment. During this physiological process, the shrimps require more amount of calcium and phosphorousto compensate their physiological function; also, the shrimp requires such minerals to cast the new shell on it body. In addition, the shed shells accumulate in the bottom of the pond, which decomposes and lead toammonia toxification in the pond. BIOGREEN TECHNOLOGIES understood the entire phenomena of the moulting process scientifically and developed ETAMOLT with special moleculesthat provide the necessary nutrient to the shrimp to induce the moulting process and cast the new shell quicker. Also, the unique molecules present in the ETAMOLTprovides the withstand capacity to the shrimp during this entire physiological process. In addition, the ETAMOLT molecules fix the ammonia toxicity in the shrimp pond due to the accumulation of shed shells in the bottom of the pond.ETAMOLT can also be used as ammonia binder in fish farm.