feed additive and supplement

Calcium and phosphorus are potential mineral compounds for fish and shrimp nutrition. These mineral compositionsenhance the fish or shrimp growth, feed conversion, bone mineralization and general health. In shrimp, this mineral concept improved the shell growth and proper moulting. In fish, it enhances the bone strength which automatically lead to muscle enhancement. Moreover, both in shrimp and fish farm, application of these mineral composition improves the growth of beneficial algae including spirulina and diatoms whichare natural diet that provide essential fatty acids to the organisms. Fish meal contain plenty of calcium and phosphorous sources, thus fish meal usually provided as one of the major ingredients in most of the aquafeeds, provided the fish meal should be good quality. However, in most of the fish meal replacement diet or low-quality fish meal diet, these mineral compositionsis missing, hence addition Calcium and Phosphorus mineral supplementation is necessary.BIOGREEN TECHNOLOGIES exploredscientifically and provided the Calcium-phosphorous mineral composition which is suitable for the shell, bone and muscle development of fish and shrimp, thus made D-Cal in a specialised compact way.