feed additive and supplement

Argulusinfection is a potential threat to fish farmers throughout the country. It affects any size of the fishes from larval to grow-out and leads to mass mortality and huge economic loss. Hence, ARGOUT is designed to control the Argulusinfection in any size of the fish. It is a medicated compound which is specially designed with the collaboration of German Scientists to clear the Argulusinfection in the pond completely without affecting the fish. This is the only control agent to address the Argulusinfection from larval to adult fish. ARGOUT increases the membrane permeability of the ectoparasites towards calcium ions, thus killing fish lice or Argulus. It releases potential defence molecules and helps the fish to be resistance against ectoparasitesincluding Argulusinfection. The effective medicinal molecules present in the ARGOUT designed in a unique way to target and kill the ectoparasites attached in the fish.