Legacy Biogreen

Manufacturers of aqua feeds, feed
supplements, fish seed and spirulina

Green Technology with Blue Revolution

We, the LEGACY BIOGREEN TECHNOLOGIES concerned such ecological manners and producing a variety of fish and shrimp hatchery as well as grow-out feed including floating and sinking feed and feed additives.


Fish Feed

The readymade diet or artificial feed may be provided to fish in two forms, either as a complete feed or supplementary diet. A complete feed should possess a balanced nutritional composition such as protein, lipid, carbohydrate, fibre, ash, vitamins and minerals.

Shrimp Feed

Developing a shrimp feed in the aquaculture industry is a major challenge to the farmers as well as feed millers. While formulating a shrimp feed, there are many things need to be considered especially quality ingredient, nutritional composition and cost.

Feed additives

Feed additives play an important role in aquaculture which is being used in various animal nutrition including fish and shrimp nutrition to improve the characteristics of feed, enhance flavour and make the feed more digestible.